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During this operational internship (min. 5 months), you will be working alongside the Head Chef and his three Kitchen Sidekicks. The team is composed of true food artists - in the visual sense – who love plating beautiful dishes and making creative buffets that not only look, but also taste amazing. As food is the world’s most common social connector, we are looking for someone to complement the team, with a passion for food and people, who combines the two to create a warm atmosphere where tasty meals are merrily shared together on long communal tables.

As set out in the tasks below, the internship will consist out of preparation of dishes, quality improvements and optimization brainstorms, stock takes and ordering as well as the usual cleaning tasks.

What is the Kitchen Like?

• The professional kitchen has a residential vibe, 25 seats and a cooking island

• You’ll work alongside our head chef and a team of 3 Kitchen Sidekicks, however you will be running the kitchen by yourselve during your own shifts;

• You’re a multitasking octopus: you’d really need to love chatting to guests while cooking up a storm. There’s no one to serve the guests, so they come to you to order and ask questions while cooking.

What is our Food Philosophy?

• Taste is key; health comes right after;

• Small assortment with regular changes;

• Affordable, high quality ingredients; organic and local where possible;

• Simple; minimum amount of handling;

• Short end-preparation times;

• World kitchen (e.g. we love Ottolenghi);

• Local kitchen heroes: every now and then we’d love to invite a local chef into

the kitchen to cook for the Zoku residents and bring new tastes to the table.

What is the Chef Like?

Originally from Capetown, South Africa, Nicholas Wilkinson is a chef who worked in many international kitchens, living in London, Switzerland, Botswana and now Amsterdam. He’s always up for a chat about music (as long as it’s about good music), sports, photography, a game of backgammon and - of course - cooking. He is currently spearheading the team of Kitchen Sidekicks in the Living Kitchen.


Who can apply
People who truly love to make guests happy and would go out of their way to make their experience unforgettable, are curious and neighborly. Genuine people looking to gain valuable experience as an intern in the buzzing kitchen world, as part of their education or for those who wish to gain hands on experience after graduation.

Description of Assignment / Tasks
Preparation of dishes:
• Carry out the preparatory tasks, like washing, cutting, cooking, mixing and stirring etc.
• Assess the quality of the to use products and ingredients (freshness, storage life etc.)
• Carry out the preparations, control the quality, colour, taste etc. and execute adjustments
• Make orders by executing a la minute cooking tasks, portioning and garnishing
• Monitor compliances in the field of safety, working conditions, HACCP and work and presentation methods
• Cook meals upon request, so having quick hands and a flexible mind is key
• Create decorative food displays and display food in an attractive way (e.g. Otto Lenghi style)
• Keep up with the trends and developments in the field of food and beverage
Securing stock and daily call-off:
• Planning of daily tasks and ordering of food products and other stock supplements mainly at fixed suppliers against fixed conditions
• Receive, control and stock the ordered products and other articles
•Monitor the storage life and hygiene
Quality improvement and optimization:
• Control and justify the consumed quantities of raw materials and (semi) finished products
• Give input for the daily changing menu and work instructions etc.
Cleaning tasks:
• Make sure the kitchen is clean at all times
• Solve small faults independently
• Transportation of waste
• Be in frequent conversation with guests and talk to them while cooking in your open, residential kitchen
• Maintain good relationships with local kitchen heroes
Helping with organizing events and workshops in cooperation with the local kitchen heroes

We are looking for a Star Player with the following profile
• has a desire for healthy cooking
• takes initiative and is proactive: hfidence in own abilities and qualities, is forward-looking and comes in action when necessary
• is quality oriented: corrects if standards are not being met, asks guests for feedback about quality and service, is always focused on striving for the best product and services
• can handle stress easily: stays calm under difficult conditions or high work pressure, recovers after reverses or disappointments, also works goal-oriented under pressure
• has an eye for detail: controls own tasks, is orderly, works structured and clean, also during handover of tasks, works according to procedures, executes the necessary controls
• has basic knowledge about, different food cultures, , local products – also vegetable/herbs that grow on the rooftop garden
• is a fluent English speaker; other languages are a plus

How to apply?
Do you recognize yourself in the description above? Make sure to send your application to Make sure to include CV, motivation and if you like (we do!) something extra to present yourself.
About the company:
About Zoku
Zoku is a new extended stay hotel concept. It is a hybrid between a hotel and a short-stay office for people who need to live and work in a city for a period between five days and three months. Zoku has been designed for international entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, project managers, management consultants, entire project teams, start-ups and incubators. Zoku offers a global nomad’s home base through a smart loft (private areas) and communal spaces (public areas): areas to work, sleep, live and play in.

The first Zoku will be realized in Amsterdam and will open in Q2 2015. After this, the concept will be rolled-out internationally in cities like London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona. For more information please visit

About HotelsAhead
Zoku has been developed by HotelsAhead, an Amsterdam based company specialized in hotel concept development, experience design and business model innovation. HotelsAhead is the initial creator of the award-winning citizenM hotel concept, with locations in Amsterdam, London and Glasgow, which is now being realized globally in places such as Paris, Rotterdam, New York and Asia soon to come.

HotelsAhead develops hotel concepts with the direct input of future guests. We have them walk around our prototype areas, brainstorm around the kitchen table and even test the beds. We envision and act upon their future needs, wants and desires, because we recognize that ultimately this new and connected customer will take us ahead in our constant search for innovation within our concepts. We focus on relevance and skipping the frills: the world is in need for smarter solutions instead of more stuff.
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