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Job Profile: Demi Chef de Partie

Job Title: Demi Chef de Partie

Manager: Head Chef

Job Description

An organic food lover, awesomeness, people and planet (sometimes profit) person

As a demi chef de partie, you love organic local ingredients. No frequent flyer apples. No air mile carrots. Food grown with love, bought from a local farmer called Peter. In our kitchen, we love real vegetables. High in fibers, low in fat, amazing taste. We’re not talking about the products that all look the same; same color, same size, same taste. No no. We love products that look different: just like us!

You love to shine in the spotlight. You know that there could be 100 guests walking in during the afternoon or evening, and you will put a smile on all those people because of the food you prepare for them. This means that you can handle stress, because working in a high pace is exactly what makes the job so much fun, right?

As we strive to have a full restaurant every day of the week you need to be able to cope with the stress and pressure; but that’s part of what makes this job fun, right? Of course being ready for service means a great M.E.P. and the kitchen needs to be properly cleaned, stocked and tidy, so that is also on your daily to-do list.

But we also serve a delicious breakfast!

We like our guest to start the day with our delicious 100% organic breakfast. The perfect antidote to , traditional “who still eats that?” hotel food. Depending on your shifts, you might help out with this.

Within our kitchen team, teamwork (and helping each other out) is the most important ingredient for a successful day. This means that there is plenty of room for development, perhaps even promotion, and ensuring the level of quality is exceeding the expectations continuously. We do this by always knowing what’s going on in the industry and by keeping up with the trends and developments. We therefore find it important that everyone has fun doing their job and has a passion for cooking!


Personal Characteristics
  • True hospitality is in your DNA
  • You want to save the planet, but you are not a ‘sustainability doorbitch’
  • Affinity with organic- and sustainability trends, a real healthy food- and drinks lover: all of our F&B items are organic!
  • You enjoy working and you have fun working with colleagues
  • Certain level of knowledge (Google offers half the answers..)
  • Flexible, and no, we are not referring to your yoga skills ;)
  • You are pro-active
Job requirements
  • You have experience in the (international) hospitality industry, preferably in the kitchen
  • You are fluent in Dutch and English
  • Preferably living in- or around Amsterdam
  • You are able to work well independently as well as in team
  • Flexible to work in weekends and evenings
  • Bonus points if you have prior knowledge of HACCP
  • Have fun; a very important part of the job :)
Salary scale and rewards

This position will be classified according to the Horeca CAO, scale IV.

At Conscious Hotels we also have other rewards. After your probation period you will receive an invitation to spend a night in one of our hotels, including a delicious (organic) breakfast. Together with the love of your life! … or your mother, we don’t judge. Also, you can let your friends and family stay with us, with our Friends & Family room rates. In addition, all our Conscious Shop items are available with staff discount.

In addition, you could make use of a gym membership at David Lloyd or Shape All-in, with sharply reduced rates. You are more than welcome to Restaurant MOER or Bar Kantoor for dinner, where you will also receive a sweet staff discount. Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy and Work Healthy. Oh, and we also have the best staff parties, Christmas drinks and dinners and other team events (for instance the monthly Conscious Borrel, a.k.a. Correl)! Sounds great, right?

Application Procedure

Got excited and looking for a new challenge? Do you have experience in a similar position? … what are you waiting for? Apply now!

Complete your application by sending us your resume and motivation letter to the above mentioned email and link with our HR lady Conny Conscious on LinkedIn. For further information regarding the vacancy and Conscious Hotels, please visit our careers website: You can of course also always get in touch with the People & Development Team by reaching out to +31 (0)20 6711756.
Work Hours:

Full time / Part time hours per week

About the company:
Conscious Hotels in 10 sentences:
  • Eco-friendly but not Eco-fundamentalist
  • We are not a "wrestle you to the ground and force feed you lentils if you use an aerosol to spray mousse on your hair" kind of place
  • We don't even have a single picture of a mystical dolphin or a sad-looking panda on our walls
  • But, yes, all our energy comes from renewable sources
  • Our apple juice comes from apples without air miles and our beer is locally brewed (we can even show you the brewery if you can still see straight)
  • We do have an Eco roof with a hive for wild bees (that's wild as in 'natural' not 'angry')
  • And yes that is a scent of strawberries you can smell and we do have tables made from recycled yoghurt pots
  • And those notices around the hotel are funny even if we do say so ourselves
  • And the beds will give you the best night's sleep of your life
  • Because we say doing good can be done while looking good too