Membership Support employees (back-up pool, flexible hours)

Customer service

We are looking for Member Support team members who are interested in flexible work. You may be asked to provide holiday cover for our Member Support Manager or you may be asked to come in on the same day, for example in the event of illness or increased workload. We aim to build a back-up pool of multiple employees. If there are fixed days in the week when you are not available, we will, of course, take this into account.

We're looking for Membership Support Colleagues to be based in our Amsterdam office. As part of the Member Support team, you will support with the following tasks:

  • Managing The Correspondent’s primary email inbox, responding to all incoming member inquiries in a friendly and timely fashion.
  • Responding to member queries that come into The Correspondent via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram in a friendly and timely fashion.
  • Keeping track of and updating existing queries and pro-actively following up with other teams to resolve them.
  • Adopting The Correspondent’s tone of voice in all member communications.

To apply, please go to our website before June 24, 2019. You can use this link: (Please note: we are not accepting traditional letters of application for this position.)


What we value in a member support representative:

  • You are passionate about helping others and ensuring our members feel listened to and understood.
  • You are a gifted written communicator in the English language, capable of writing in a clear and concise manner to build trust and understanding with every member you deal with.
  • You have previous experience working in a customer or community support role, identifying patterns in user feedback and optimizing processes for efficiency.
  • You’re empathetic, and make it your business to understand what our members want.
  • You are highly organized — able to effectively prioritize the most urgent member queries and communications, keep on top of the multiple channels where members can reach us, and to reach out when you yourself need support from colleagues.
  • You understand and embody The Correspondent’s tone of voice: relatable and human; empathetic and validating; optimistic and self-confident.
  • You are able to accept criticism of The Correspondent with grace and, where applicable, point to additional sources of information that can provide clarity or external validation.
  • You recognize our founding principles as the driving force of The Correspondent. For example, you value our commitment to collaborate with our knowledgeable members, seeing them as a vital source support and expertise whose input can only improve what we do. 

Salary Benefits:

What we offer

  • Flexible hours – This role is ideal for people who are looking to work a number of flexible hours every month (for example, students). If you are looking for a full-time role, this is not the right position for you. We are looking for colleagues who can join us when we need extra support in our Member Support Team.
  • Interesting work environment — You’ll report directly to our Member Support Manager, Carmen Schaack.. You will have about 60 colleagues - amongst them correspondents, developers,designers, engagement editors - in an inspiring environment, with lots of new people joining because of the English expansion.
  • Competitive hourly wage.
Work Hours:

flexible hours per week

About the company:

The Correspondent is the world’s most successful ad-free, collaborative, and member-funded journalism platform. Founded in the Netherlands as De Correspondent in 2013, it is now expanding to the English language as The Correspondent following a world record-breaking crowdfunding campaign in November 2018 that raised over $2.5 million from more than 45,000 founding members. Its mission is to provide its members with unbreaking news, helping them understand the underlying forces that shape our world. The Correspondent will officially launch on September 30, 2019.