Maarten Gulickx: Online coaching sessions from the comfort of your own home

Maarten Gulickx: Online coaching sessions from the comfort of your own home


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Personal & career coaching

As a registered NOBCO Coach in Amsterdam, Maarten Gulickx helps expats in the Netherlands with:

Personal / Life coaching

He will help support your personal growth and help you create long term positive change.

Career coaching 

Together, you will (re)discover your values, talents and abilities. He will teach you how to use these assets to make decisions that will have a lasting impact.

Facilitating change

Sometimes, you just have a sense of restlessness, dissatisfaction, powerlessness or fear and you do not seem to be able to change this difficult situation by yourself. Especially when you live in a country and a culture that is not your own.

That is where Maarten comes in. His coaching can help you further define your goals. He can help you to develop yourself, to hone your interpersonal skills and thereby bring more peace to all areas of your life.

“Maarten is the perfect blend of humour and warmth and he is a pragmatic visionary. He brought so much value to my personal practice because he was capable of seeing me and my complex needs within the specific professional challenges I was facing. He offered a structure that is equal parts electric and stabilising. I cannot recommend him enough.” ~ Juliet Gagnon, Artistic Direction Watershed in Eindhoven

So, how can Maarten help you?

Mr Gulickx


He can:

  • Help you find out how to be the best version of yourself.
  • Offer insight into the next step in your career or personal path, based on your talents, values, dreams and conditions.
  • Help you learn to trust your own feelings and reduce (co)dependency on others.
  • Help you to better define your boundaries and act more assertively.
  • Offer more clarity and structure in your personal or professional situation.
  • Give you a more targeted approach to reach your goals; offering perspective and a practical plan of action.
  • Help you learn how to deal with all sorts of situations, difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions that can hold you back.

"Maarten is a really sincere and approachable person and his knowledge and skillset are inspiring. His coaching sessions have really helped my decision making, goal setting and most importantly to stay true to myself and my own values. He has been a great support to me throughout this coaching period and I will carry the learnings with me through the next stages of my career and personal life.” ~ Roxy van der Noordt, COO and Co-founder Rocycle Studios.

What you need to know

  • You start with a no-obligation-intake, free of charge.
  • On average 5 to 6 sessions are needed for personal coaching and 4 for career coaching.
  • Coaching sessions take place via videocall
  • The rate for individuals is 145 euros per session.

“Maarten helps me go after my dreams. I've learned to look my fears and doubts straight in the eye instead of suppressing them. This process helps me to think and dream big via my own positivity.” ~ Priscilla Vaudelle, Artistic Director in Amsterdam



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