Randstad Multilingual: A personal approach to your job hunt

Randstad Multilingual: A personal approach to your job hunt


Moving to the Netherlands - what a great idea! The people, the food (hellooo stroopwafels!), the nature, the bikes! You have packed your bags, moved out of your current home, said goodbye to your friends and family with the promise to call them often, and you have arrived in our beautiful country. Now comes the next challenge: finding a job. This can be quite challenging, but that’s where Randstad Multilingual Recruitment comes in!

Randstad Multilingual: meet Eline

Meet Eline. She has been working at Randstad Multilingual for a year now. She is a recruiter, and her mission is to find the best match between the multilingual vacancies the agency has, and you: the multilingual job seeker!

What she loves most about her job is making a real connection with the people she speaks to, and guiding them through the journey that is finding a new job in a foreign country.

Eline meets people from all over the world and helps them in their next steps in their career. How great is this?

The team

Randstad Multilingual’s team consists of people from different backgrounds which makes them understand the candidate’s viewpoint even better. The international team includes members from Greece, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, and New Caledonia.

Being so culturally diverse can sometimes lead to small miscommunications. But this has taught Randstad Multilingual to be even more open and understanding of different backgrounds and cultures.

Randstad Multilingual’s philosophy in helping you

What makes Randstad Multilingual good at what they do, and what they really pride themselves on, is their personal approach. They love connecting with you and getting to know you because they believe that this will make them successful in guiding you to your next professional step. Randstad Multilingual tries to see the person behind the CV, and that is why they are able to make the right match!

How can Randstad Multilingual help you?

Their focus profiles are customer-oriented vacancies such as customer service representatives, sales support or account managers. The most common language combinations are fluent French/German/ a Nordic language, with fluent English. On a less regular basis, they also have vacancies for only English speakers, or Spanish, Portuguese and Italian speakers.

Testimonial from Yann

Who is Yann? Yann is one of the best examples of Randstad Multilingual's personal approach. He moved to the Netherlands from New Caledonia, and they got in touch with him through one of their customer service vacancies, which he applied for.

After talking to him, they realised that his passion for helping people would also be very relevant for a different position, the one of recruiter in their very own team! If you apply for a vacancy today on their website, there is a high chance you will be in contact with him!

Get to know Randstad Multilingual better

Are you looking for your next career opportunity in the Netherlands, or would you like to connect with Randstad Multilingual? Then take a look at their website, Facebook, and Instagram pages. There you can find all of their current vacancies, as well as tips for your job search.



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