Learn how to make LinkedIn work for you


One of the great challenges of expat life is establishing yourself in a new country and culture, both professionally and personally.

While you probably know that LinkedIn is a vital tool for modern professional life, especially in the Netherlands, are you confident you know how to use it best?

If you are one of many people who have a profile but don’t know how to leverage it successfully, the LinkedIn Live Event for International Professionals can provide you with all the information you need.

About LinkedIn Live for International Professionals

This one-day event on June 5 combines LinkedIn training, a live profile review and a great networking opportunity, geared especially to expats living in the Netherlands.

Over the course of the day, organiser Petra Fisher will tell you about:
 The ability of ONE LinkedIn Profile to speak the language of MANY readers.
 The importance of the Holy Trinity of your profile and how to get this right.
 The biggest no-no on LinkedIn that makes you miss out on the right contacts in your network.
 Why owners, entrepreneurs and project managers have no place on LinkedIn (and what to do about it if you happen to be one).

LinkedIn Live session

A ticket for the day costs 97 euros and includes morning and afternoon training sessions, lunch, a networking session, bonus tips and coffee and tea throughout the day.

 Location: Amsterdam
 Language: English
 Date: Thursday June 5, 2014
 Time: 9:30am - 5pm

The exact location details will be send out with your confirmation email. First, register here!

LinkedIn especially for expats

The LinkedIn Live Event for International Professionals has been developed by Petra Fisher, a career coach and specialist in LinkedIn.

Her course was created especially for expats; its format does not exist anywhere else. Nor is her advice restricted to online activities; it applies equally to networking offline (face to face). For some of her tips, take a look at her blog.

Why is LinkedIn important?

LinkedIn is one of the fastest ways to migrate your reputation and track record to your new country. "Instead of constantly explaining who you are and what you do, use LinkedIn strategically," said Petra Fisher. "You'll soon notice people already know your expertise and move on to 'talk business'."

Yet so many people on LinkedIn don’t know how to use it to their best advantage, spending more time looking for a partner, client or prospect that being found by someone else.

What you will get out of the session

After the day, participants will:
 have gained a clear understanding of exactly what LinkedIn can do for them.
 know which areas of their LinkedIn profile need immediate attention.
 be able to make a perfect first impression, even if they don’t know who is looking.
 go home with new contacts from a unique networking session.

For more information, check out the website or go straight to buy your ticket!




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