Help yourself and your clients get a quick win

Help yourself and your clients get a quick win

As a business owner, you may be struggling with procrastination and feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities. It’s possible that your own clients may also be experiencing similar emotions.

So, while we’re all about long-term success and results for our clients, this is a great time to think about how you can help your clients move forward on a specific issue in a fast and relatively simple way.

Make progress quickly

Because whether your clients are other business owners or consumers, they all want to experience a quick win and make progress on the goals they have.

What does that look like for your business? One way could be simplifying your offer in a way that is easy for your clients to understand. You can also offer free ideas as well as paid offers.

Advice for your business

My best tip for you, which is not new, is to ask one person for one referral. But who can you ask for such a thing? My advice is to ask someone you know, whether they are a previous or current client, a colleague, a friend, or just anyone that you know well.

What to ask?

Ask if they know one (this is important, only one) person who needs what you offer. And if so, ask the person if they could tell them your special offer. Many business owners often avoid doing this because they are afraid of being “annoying”.

The truth is that people love to help others that they know well and are usually happy to do so. Especially these days when we’re all in the same boat trying to make progress in our careers. The key is to help them think of one person who already is aware of your business and knows you in a certain context.

Giving referrals

If you want to give as well as ask, you can also commit to giving as many referrals as you ask for. Giving referrals also creates a connection which can lead to all kinds of magic and makes the interaction more fair.

If you commit to asking one person for one referral once a week (or a few times a week, up to once per day if you’re feeling ambitious), you will get new clients.

Offer ideas for your clients 

Here are some thoughts about free and paid offers you can share with your clients.

Free ideas for your clients

What could you quickly put together to give to your clients for free support to help them solve one specific issue?

Here are some ideas:

  • Blog post
  • Podcast
  • Video training
  • A three to ten-day challenge
  • Short workbook
  • Free 30-minute webinar

Paid offers for your clients

How about a paid offer for people who have some budget. What could you offer that solves a specific issue and that wouldn’t take a ton of time to create?

Think about things like a:

  • One-off strategy session 
  • Short online course
  • Paid masterclass or webinar
  • Virtual productivity day plus feedback
  • Small-group coaching
  • Mini mastermind

Get into action

I hope you’re starting to get some ideas about how you can simplify and adjust your offers so you can help your clients solve the most pressing problem they have right now.

What will you offer your audience that will help them get a quick win and move them closer to their goals?

Stephanie Ward


Stephanie Ward

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