FreelanceFactoring: Enjoy carefree and immediate payment of your invoices

FreelanceFactoring: Enjoy carefree and immediate payment of your invoices


If you are experiencing difficulties with your invoicing while working as a freelancer in the Netherlands, FreelanceFactoring offers you the perfect solution. For example, late payments could be costing you a lot of energy and money. Especially if you have just moved to a new country. Due to cultural differences and language barriers, it can prove difficult to process and collect your invoices. In addition, there is a risk of your debtor going bankrupt.

If you have just started as a freelancer (ZZP’er) in the Netherlands, these difficulties might sound familiar. This is where factoring is key.


Is factoring for you?

Factoring could be the solution for you if you struggle with debtor management and aim to shorten your payment term, as your invoices will be paid immediately, regardless of your client’s payment term. To be able to make use of the services of FreelanceFactoring, a few things should be taken care of, such as:

  • You need to be registered with the chamber of commerce (Kamer van Koophandel).
  • You need to have the underlying paperwork attached to your invoices. This could be a signed agreement or other supporting paperwork, such as a timesheet.
  • You need to live and work in the Netherlands.

How does it work?

Factoring can seem complicated at first. In reality, it could not be simpler. All you have to do is make a small change to your invoice and submit it to the online portal. From here on, FreelanceFactoring takes care of the rest. Signing up is quick and easy. Depending on how fast you can supply them with the required documents, the entire process can often be completed within a single working day. You can request a quotation on their website

The process itself consists of the following steps:

FreelanceFactoring flow

American factoring

FreelanceFactoring offers American factoring, which means that you can choose which invoices you’d like to get financed without restricting you to a form of subscription. For these invoices, debtor management is taken care of and the credit risk (in case your debtor goes bankrupt) is covered. The costs are composed of a tailored percentage levied over each invoice, depending on your industry, turnover and the frequency of submitting invoices.

Who is FreelanceFactoring?

FreelanceFactoring is a young and dynamic factoring company operating from the harbour city of Rotterdam. A financial company, but definitely not a bank. The FreelanceFactoring team hardly wears enough suits to be a bank. Instead, the company is a professional and established firm.

After 8 years of accumulating factoring experience by assisting thousands of clients, FreelanceFactoring developed a good understanding of the market, specialising in entrepreneurs and freelancers in the Netherlands.

Feel free to reach out!

Do you have any questions about factoring? Feel free to reach out to Julian:

FreelanceFactoring Julian



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