The digital marketing and advertising agency for business in the Netherlands

The digital marketing and advertising agency for business in the Netherlands


Business Webstars is an established software house with Joomla certification, and they are skilled in wordpress, web solutions and programming languages. They are a web marketing agency, business developer and consultancy firm with professionals who have more than 15 years of experience in their fields.They supply digital marketing and advertising solutions to businesses on the Dutch and international markets and assist companies with IT solutions, brand management, business development and business analysis.

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Business Webstars is able to provide assistance to expats and international companies in English and Dutch, as well as in other languages. Based in Amsterdam, they assist Dutch as well European and international businesses and institutions that want to sell their products, services and brands in the Netherlands to Dutch Customers - B2C - and to Dutch Businesses - B2B.

They love to define themselves as the web atelier, as their products, services and projects are tailor-made according to the company, the business targets and the needs of their clients. Business Webstars provides its clients with a 360° technical and specialised service. With monthly Google Analytics reports, they optimise the performance and the business marketing strategies applied to the clients’ web platforms in order to improve the lead conversions to increase the lead generation and the business revenue.

Business Webstars’ approach is listening, understanding and getting into synergy with their clients. They operate by establishing a relationship of trust, loyalty and partnership with the clients through the figure of the Dedicated Brand Manager: the joining link between the client and Business Webstars for the coordination and the development of the web projects.

Web development

Business Webstars offers the following web development services:

1. Graphic layout analysis and user experience

  • Analysis and development of responsive graphic architecture Android / Apple / Windows Mobile
  • UX / UI Design study and development

2. Development of latest generation web platforms

  • Website development, hybrid e-shop platform, e-commerce platforms and web applications

3. Infrastructure and IT support

  • IT programming solutions
  • Software and database
  • Sd Platinum hosting server

4. Google Analytics reports and statistics

5. Technical assistance and maintenance

Web marketing

Business Webstars offers the following web marketing services:

1. Web marketing analysis and development

  • Expert consultant
  • SEA, SEO and SEM
  • Digital / Territorial GeoLocal marketing
  • Lead generation

2. Content creation for web marketing

  • Content copywriting service
  • Multilingual translation service
  • Writing SEO-friendly original content
  • Social media content creation

3. Market research

  • Market / competition / targeting analysis
  • SWOT analysis

Business strategy

Business Webstars offers the following business strategy services:

1. Dedicated Brand Manager and Brand Management

  • Brand Building, Brand Management, Brand Reputation
  • Creation and Management of Digital Identity
  • Brand SMM Strategy

2. Business development

  • Business development and sales channels
  • Project management and planning
  • Development of growth opportunities
  • Business expansion
  • Strategies for revenue increase / profitability optimisation

3. Marketing outsourcing

Business Webstars

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Besides digital marketing and advertising, Business Webstars can also be your business partner for doing business in the Netherlands. Contact them by e-mail via [email protected] or fill out the form on their website to explore the many possibilities of a commercial partnership!

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