Cover letter

Cover letter

A cover letter aims at convincing your prospective employer that you are suitable for the available position.

Purpose of a cover letter

In order to answer why an employer should hire you, try to demonstrate:

  • Why your goals are aligned with the company’s ones.
    e.g. "As a "green" consumer, I am totally aligned with your goals and policies."
  • Why you derive satisfaction from the specific role.
    e.g. "I regard it as a great opportunity to develop my strengths."
  • How you fit to the culture of the company.
    e.g. "Working for an international company is ideal for me since..."
  • How you can contribute to the company’s targets.
    e.g. "I truly believe I can add to the overall company growth by expanding the existing market share."

A cover letter should:

  • Reveal experiences and aspects of your personality that you cannot communicate through your CV.
    e.g. "Website development is more than a hobby for me as..."
  • Express motivation for the job you apply for.
    e.g. "Working for a market leader is important for me because..."
  • Link your skills and qualifications with the job requirements.
    e.g. "This position requires open-mined people and my background clearly reveals that..."
  • Present yourself as someone willing to take responsibilities / initiatives.
    e.g. "… and I look forward to participating in new projects."

Numerous sample motivation / cover letters can be found here.

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