[Book Review] The Bee's Tour of Gouda

07 June 2013, by

Curious to know a little of the history that shaped the Dutch world you find yourself visiting?

Persephone Abbott and Vinita Salomé have used the base of the small city of Gouda to explore Dutch history and culture!

The Bee's Tour of Gouda is a slender book with witty commentary and clever visuals presented by two expats and can help the foreigner, visitor or new resident, begin to grasp the context of Dutch mentality and culture.

The Bee's Tour of Gouda is a unique collaboration between three artists:
- Persephone Abbott, writer
- Vinita Salomé, photographer
- Kathy Nida, internationally exhibited quilt artist who provided the maps and illustrations

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bee's tour gouda

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January 16 2014, 02:53PM

This book is a unique collaboration between three artists, writer Persephone Abbott, photographer Vinita Salomé and internationally exhibited quilt artist Kathy Nida who provided the maps and illustrations.

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