Scheveningen Pier for sale

29 March 2012, by

The historic landmark at the Netherlands most popular beach resort is no longer wanted by its current owners, Van der Valk.

The Dutch hospitality chain wanted to build a hotel on the pier in Scheveningen, but their plans were hampered by the pier's weak supports. Furthermore, they complain that the municipality did not honour its agreements, or support the development. The final straw came when the pier suffered severe damage in a flash fire. The Van der Valk family insist that they have no choice now but to sell-up, and are genuinely sad to let it go.

The Municipality of The Hague have already stated that they would not buy the pier, instead urging the private sector to save the "icon of the city." However, the project is so vast and costly, it is not clear that anyone will answer the city's call.

scheveningen pier
Photo by Flickr user nangkun

Note that the Van der Valk family bought the landmark in 1991 for just 1 guilder.

Source: Muncipality of The Hague

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