Armin van Buuren: Officer in the Order of Oranje-Nassau

03 May 2011, by

Armin van Buuren Press Release
17 years after his first single was released, Armin was given a Royal Dutch distinction. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands named him Officer in the Order of Oranje-Nassau*! The distinction was handed to him after his set at the CityMoves event in hometown Leiden by the major of Leiden, mayor Lenferink.

For years, Armin has been on top of the international dance scene. He's praised for his contribution to the promotion of Dutch dance music worldwide and contributing to the music economy. A big congrats to Armin for this incredible accomplishment!

*The Order of Orange-Nassau (Orde van Oranje-Nassau) is a chivalry order open to "everyone who have earned special merits for society" and is comparable with the Order of the British Empire (UK).

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May 04 2011, 07:27AM

Nice! I am wondering who else are the officers in this order? Anybody else known for non-Dutch people?

May 04 2011, 09:43AM

You can find some non-Dutch names here (

May 05 2011, 08:03AM

Thanks, Sergios! Checked the link, but seems that most of the names do not ring a bell for me...

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