Amsterdam launches website with museum waiting-times

20 April 2017, by

I amsterdam, the city’s official tourism and marketing site, has launched a page indicating the waiting times for museums and other attractions in Amsterdam.

Popular museum attractions

The website, Rijenradar, queue radar in English, is currently only available in Dutch but does a good job of listing the wait times for museums with notoriously long queues, including the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, Eye Film Institute, the Heineken Experience and other popular attractions. 

The purpose of the site is to encourage visitors to go to museums with shorter queues and to spread out the concentration of tourists.

Website launch

The site was launched over the Easter weekend and successfully showed long wait times, including a three-hour wait to get into the Van Gogh museum.

It also stated that those keen to visit the Anne Frank House could only enter upon having a valid "advance ticket" granting them entry.

Anne Frank House queues

A trial

The museum monitoring site is currently on a three-month trial period. Once successful, other museums will be able to join, and it will be a permanent feature on the I amsterdam site. 


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