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A century ago, movie producers chose Hollywood, California as the hub of their film production companies. By the 1920‘s what was once a small town on edge of Los Angeles quickly grew into the core of America’s movie industry, producing up to 800 films per year and inspiring a cultural obsession with spectacular stories and sparkling stars of Hollywood.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Universal and Paramount productions settling in Hollywood and Amsterdam’s EYE Film Institute celebrates the centennial with a special programme, 100 years of Hollywood, featuring 25 cinema classics you can’t get enough of!

From December 1 to January 5, 2013 some of the best box-office hits will be featured. In addition, the programme surrounds a peak into Hollywood’s stars, directors and producers who brought these cinematic gems to the big screen.

Recently Restored
In an era when movies are commonly watched on TV or DVD, the EYE Institute strives to screen high quality copies of vintage films.

100 years of Hollywood offers viewers a special chance to experience the full colour saturation and panoramic wide screen perspective uniquely attributed to vintage 35mm and 70mm films. Digitally restored screenings will include "Laurence of Arabia," "Wings," and "West Side Story."

Still from "Laurence of Arabia"

Still from "Citizen Kane"

Still from "ET"

A closer look at Hollywood
Dutch film newspaper editors Dana Linssen and Ronald Rovers will lead "Critical Look," a series of lectures that take a detailed look at the Hollywood film factory.

In cooperation, TV channel Holland Doc 24 takes a peak at the history of Hollywood’s glitz and glamour with a special exhibition and related films.

Screening highlights
"E.T." | December 5 & 8 | January 2
"The Big Lebowski" | December 6 & January 1
"Citizen Kane" | December 7 & 31
"The Sound of Music" | December 8 & 31
"Gone With The Wind" | December 9
"Sunset Boulevard" | December 14 & 29
"Modern Times" | December 15 & 30
"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" | December 15
"Breakfast at Tiffany's" | December 16 & 17
"The Godfather" | December 20 & 24
"Grease" | December 21 & 26
"Jaws" | December 22 & 26
"Avatar" | December 27 & January 2
And many more!

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November 24 2012, 12:40PM

Modern Times! That's a great opportunity

December 05 2012, 10:36AM

Always wanted to see movies like the godfather and ET at the cinema

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