Free ABN AMRO Housing Seminar in Amsterdam

10 September 2014, by

Is it easy to buy a house in the Netherlands? Is it wise given that you might not stay here forever? What kind of mortgages are available?

Attend the free housing seminar by ABN AMRO, the leading bank for expats in the Netherlands, and have all your questions answered!

About the ABN AMRO seminar

On September 25, the ABN AMRO International Client Desk Amsterdam is organising a free seminar on housing in the Netherlands and will give potential home-buyers the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of buying a home:

7.30 - 7.35pm | Introduction

7.35 - 8pm | How much can I borrow?
- Information on how to qualify for buying a house in the Netherlands
- Requirements explained: residency, contracts and salary
- How this affects your personal situation

8 - 8.10pm | Using an estate agent
- What does an estate agent do?
- Why would or wouldn’t you use an agent?
- What packages are offered?

8.10 - 8.20pm | You’ve found your dream house
- What do the negotiations involve?
- What’s the role of the real estate agent?
- What are the procedures for negotiating and signing the contracts?
- Terms and procedures: Who does what?
- Payments and costs: Who pays what? What extra costs are added and why?
- What should every potential home-buyer pay attention to?

8.20 - 8.45pm | Arranging your mortgage
- What kind of mortgages are available?
- How do the different mortgages work, and what running periods need to be considered?
- Do you need own capital?

8.45 - 9pm | Q&A

9 - 9.30pm | Drinks and further questions

abn amro

free housing seminar abn amro amsterdam

Seminar details

Date: September 25, 2014
Time: 7.30-9.30pm
Location: ABN AMRO, Leidseplein 29, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

In case that you cannot see the registration form, please click here.


ABN AMRO is a full-service bank with many years of international experience and detailed knowledge of all financial and insurance rules and regulations expats encounter.

Advantages of banking with ABN AMRO
Full service and support in English 24/7.
Internet Banking in English.
Mobile Banking apps in English, German and Spanish.
Financial advice in more than 25 languages at one of their International Clients Desks.
Money transfers and withdrawals from cash dispensers in Europe at no additional cost.
Worldwide access to own personal accounts.
Expert advice on payments, savings, insurance, credit, mortgages, loans and investments.

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