Number of millionaire households in the Netherlands increases

13 June 2014, by

The Netherlands has the 12th highest number of millionaires in the world, with 221.000 Dutch households having assets of more than 1 million US dollars (740.000 euros) in 2013.

This is 30.000 more than in 2012, according to a report by Boston Consulting Group, a rise which kept the Netherlands in the same position as last year.

Globally, the totally number of (US dollar) millionaire households reached 16,3 million in 2013, up strongly from 13,7 in 2012 and accounting for 1,1 per cent of all households around the world.

In US dollar terms, the amount of wealth held privately rose by 19,3 trillion in 2013, nearly twice the increase of 10,7 trillion seen in 2012.

As in previous years, North America (at 50,3 trillion) and Western Europe (37,9 trillion) remained the wealthiest regions in the world, followed closely by Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) at 37,0 trillion.

Millionaire households

The largest number of millionaire households were in the United States, with more than twice the number of millionaires than second place China.

Yet, millionaire households in China increased by over 60 per cent last year, overtaking previous second place holders Japan, where the amount of wealthy households fell along with the yen.

The wealthiest European nation by household is the United Kingdom in fourth place, followed by Switzerland and Germany in fifth and sixth places.

Finally, the highest density of millionaire households was in Qatar, followed by Switzerland and Singapore.

Billionaire households

The report also examined ultra-high-net-worth or billionaire households, those with 100 million US dollars or more. These households held 8,4 trillion in wealth in 2013 (5,5 per cent of the global total), an increase of 19,7 per cent from 2012.

The highest number of billionaire households was in the United States, followed by the United Kingdom and China.

The highest proportion of billionaire households was in Hong Kong, followed by Switzerland and Austria.

Millionaires in the Netherlands

Wealth distribution Netherlands

Although the wealthiest Dutch people are extremely well off, the Netherlands itself does not make it into the top 15 with billionaire households, either in numbers or proportion.

Despite the fact that the richest one per cent own a quarter of its wealth, private wealth in the Netherlands is more evenly distributed than in other nations.

Statistics from CBS showed that the distribution of incomes is fairly even in the Netherlands when compared to other countries inside and outside Europe. In fact, the Netherlands is in the top five of European countries with the smallest differences in income, which has barely changed in the last six years.

Millionaire households 2013 (in 1000s)

1.United States7.135
4.United Kingdom513
11.Hong Kong238

For more information, read the full report.

Sources: BCG, CBS

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