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Do you want to advance your personal and professional life? Are you looking for goals, strategies and opportunities to become a more successful, compelling and assertive individual?

Learn more about the NLP4Expats Online programme by Vivekaja NLP Opleidingen!

About the NLP4Expats Online

The aim of NLP4Expats Online is to give you energising support for individual advancement, both in your personal life and professional career.

The programme is especially designed for busy individuals who want to:
 Strengthen their leadership capabilities
 Improve their communication skills
 Develop new strategies for problem solving
 Break behavioural patterns
 Discover tools to excel in negotiation and sales

NLP techniques taught

NLP4Expats allows you to cut through the clutter and arrive at the heart of (mis)communication.

The three main NLP techniques taught are:
 NLP communication model - the difference between state and goal
 Strategy - the key to personal excellence
 Modelling - how to acquire the skills you admire in others

About Vivekaja NLP Opleidingen

Vivekaja NLP Opleidingen offer powerful, transformational training in the Third Generation of NLP. For more:
 Ginio Franker
 Tel: +31 (0) 61 0310 688
› Email: info[at]

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With NLP4Expats Online you can study at your own convenience and pace. Also, the online format of the programme allows you to save both time and money.
 12-week study cycle
 Unlimited Q&A via e-mail
 Skype training or Day workshop (optional)

Note that a minimum of 20 minutes study per day is required. Also, a certificate will be given upon successful completion of a test at the end of the study cycle.

Special offer: The price for the entire course is 199 euros (normal price: 485 euros).

Sign up today for a comprehensive learning experience!

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