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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds allow you to get the latest headlines and see when new content has been added to the IamExpat website.

Click on the links below to get the IamExpat RSS feeds and stay updated with the latest news, articles and lifestyle suggestions in the Netherlands among others.

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More IamExpat RSS feeds coming soon.

How to use RSS
To view the latest updates on IamExpat (including headlines, summaries and links) you need to use an RSS reader / aggregator.

Some of the most well-known ones can be found below (follow the links for instructions on how to add feeds).

› Browser-based
e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari
› Web-based
e.g. My Yahoo, Google Reader, Bloglines
› Desktop-based
e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail

Yahoo directory contains numerous RSS feed readers, while for a comparison of notable ones you may visit wikipedia.

Using IamExpat RSS feeds on your website or blog
It is possible to format a feed's display on your website and / or blog by using various online tools such as Feed2JS.

Please note that even though we strongly encourage the use of IamExpat feeds on other websites and blogs, we do require that the proper format and attribution is used when content appears. For more information read our Terms of use.

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