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Concept & Mission
IamExpat.nl is a community-driven, online media platform aiming at covering the local needs of the expatriate population.

Enriched with practical information, insightful comments, proposals and inquiries by local and global expats on a daily basis, IamExpat is dedicated to providing up-to-date, "inside" information for all English-speaking internationals in the Netherlands.

With its unique navigation model and modern web design, IamExpat allows visitors to move through well-defined, structured sections, and find up-to-date, high-quality information in a remarkably user-friendly way.

Community & Channels
The IamExpat community is not a unified group; it is an amalgam of different internationals with different background and unique needs, who wish to socialise, share ideas and information as well as create and evaluate business opportunities.

IamExpat welcomes thousands of unique visitors on a monthly basis thanks to its active, fast-growing community:
26.000 IamExpat registered members
18.000 Newsletter subscribers
54.000 Facebook members
9.900 Twitter followers
4.400 LinkedIn group members
500 other social media contacts

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To promote your brand, services, products and / or events, please choose from the following options:
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For more information and / or inquiries, please contact us at advertising[at]iamexpat[dot]nl
or +31 (0) 20 30 90 123.




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