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Concept is a community-driven, online media platform aiming at covering the local needs of all English-speaking internationals currently residing in, evaluating moving to and / or following the latest headlines and trends in the Netherlands for numerous reasons including, but not limited to, professional assignments, educational opportunities and family matters.

Enriched with practical information, insightful comments, proposals and inquiries by local and global expats on a daily basis, IamExpat is dedicated to providing up-to-date, "inside" information, news, services and lifestyle suggestions as well as organising events on a regular basis.

Re-conceiving and improving the expat life. Together.

Contact information
 General inquiries: info[at]iamexpat[dot]nl
 Advertising: advertising[at]iamexpat[dot]nl
 Editorial matters: editor[at]iamexpat[dot]nl
 Event submissions: events[at]iamexpat[dot]nl
 A: Zeeburgerpad 53, 1019 AB Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Please note we cannot receive visitors without an appointment. If you are looking for specific information please check the search page on our website or contact us.

The IamExpat founders, expats themselves, are young internationals who decided to live in the Netherlands and achieve their academic and professional ambitions.

Driven by their own experiences, they envisioned a communication and promotion platform that could not only cover the informational needs but also effectively engage conversation and facilitate interaction between expats of "all colours, shapes and sizes." 

Today, the Team - just like the community - has grown strong; more members, more ideas, more to work on.

Addressing the needs and improving the life of the modern expat is an on-going process with endless potentials.

Editorial staff
 Editor in chief: Charalampos Sergios
E: c.sergios[at]iamexpat[dot]nl

 News editor: Kiri Scully
E: kiri.scully[at]iamexpat[dot]nl

 Lifestyle editor: Alexandra van Kampen
E: alexandra.kampen[at]iamexpat[dot]nl





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