Holland Animation Film Festival 2017

Festivals / Utrecht
March 22-26 2017

Louis Hartlooper and other locations
€: Various prices

The Holland Animation Film Festival (HAFF) returns to the historic inner city of Utrecht with its 20th edition!

About HAFF

HAFF provides an annual national and international platform to screen, discuss, learn and debate all things animated.

Combining elements of painting, sculpture, photography, film and music, the organisers of HAFF argue that animation is much more present in daily life than is commonly acknowledged.

By hosting this festival, they seek to bring attention to the art form, so it can be appreciated by a wider public.

The five-day programme takes place at a variety of locations throughout the city and includes more than 450 events such as screenings of long and short films, talk shows, master classes, workshops, and lectures.

In addition to showcasing the latest developments in animation, the festival serves as a time for experts and amateurs to meet, collaborate and network.

The Holland Animation Film Festival also organises a series of competitions including features (films over 60 minutes long), shorts, Dutch animation, international student films and HAFF Junior.

Feature films

The longer feature films at the Holland Animation Film Festival include the following gems:

In This Corner of the World

In this modest Japanese anime, a young woman grows up daydreaming, with the horrific American bombings of Hiroshima as a backdrop.

Have a Nice Day

Chinese crime thriller Have a Nice Day shows how three groups try to claim the money stolen by a chauffeur in an attempt to help his girlfriend.

In This Corner of the World

Seoul Station

Thumb image: Just add Water
All images courtesy of the Holland Animation Film Festival

Seoul Station

A blood-curdling zombie outbreak starts with the people who are forced to sleep rough on the streets, and works its way through the population as an epidemic.


Inspired by Quentin Tarantino and Beavis & Butthead, this US feature film full of sleazy and hairy characters tells the story of a couple of bounty hunters who are sent after a beautiful woman who has stolen something valuable from a former pro wrestler.

Short films

The international competition programme for short films includes:

A Crow Has Been Calling for a Whole Day

A film maker records her trip through India in a diary of live action and animation.

Just Add Water

The colourful and surprising true story of a man who could look at a humble brine shrimp, and imagine an empire built upon it.

The Laughing Spider

A mash of icons from modern art and pop culture reflect heavy memories from the film maker’s youth.


Designed with layers and layers of cutouts, Nighthawk is a road trip through the night, driven by a tired, drunken badger on an endless country road.

The Sparrow’s Flight

The Sparrow’s Flight is a moving homage to a deceased friend of the film maker.

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