New Year's Dive 2014

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01 January 2014, 10.30am

The Pier, 2586 JK, Scheveningen
The Hague
€: 3 (with 1 going to charity)

This winter you could try one of the Netherlands’ most bracing traditions: the New Year’s Dive. While many Dutch winter customs are comforting (think pancakes, hot chocolate milk and oliebollen), the New Year’s Dive is far from gezellig!

It began in 1960, when a swimming club thought a dip in the chilly North Sea would be a novel way to begin the New Year. Since then, it has grown immensely in popularity. On New Year’s Day 2014, thousands are expected to take the plunge.

The dive takes place at more than 60 Dutch coastal locations, but the most popular one is at Scheveningen. And in case you’re feeling delicate from the night before, this also makes for a fun spectator event!

Thumb photo by Flickr user Carolina Georgatou.
Right column photo by Flickr user PjotrP.



Make sure to be at the location at 10.30am to register, with the actual dive taking place at 12pm.
For more information and a list of all "dive" locations in the Netherlands, click here.

New Years Scheveningen


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