Misa Criolla

Other / The Hague
07 December 2013, 7.15pm

R.C Church of Our Saviour, Bezuidenhoutseweg 157, 2594 AG
The Hague
€: 20 (children under ten 15)

This December, the Argentine Dutch Solidarity Foundation presents a special service featuring the Misa Criolla by Javier Rodríguez and the Huygens Vocaal Ensemble at the R.C Church of Our Saviour in The Hague.

About The Misa Criolla

The Misa Criolla is a religious mass combining Spanish texts with South American instruments and rhythms.

It is typically performed by either male or female soloists with a chorus and orchestra, and is based on folk genres such as chacarera, carnavalito and estilo pamperano that have Andean influences and instruments.


Misa Criolla The Hague

R.C Church Hague

About Javier Rodríguez

Born in the province of Salta in north-western Argentina, Rodríguez is an award-winning composer, singer and guitarist who works with a diverse range of musical influences including cueca, zamba, tonada, tango and milonga.

Since 1995, he has worked closely with the Argentina composer Ariel Ramírez singing classical folk music internationally, including at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.


Reservations can be made and tickets purchased by email.
More information about the performance can be found here.

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