Movies that Matter 2017

Festivals / The Hague
24 March 2017 - 01 April

Filmhuis den Haag and Theater aan het Spui
The Hague

Movies that Matter presents a festival with more than 60 movies and documentaries!

The Movies that Matter Festival

The Movies that Matter Festival is an international film and debate event that focuses on covering compelling fiction films and documentaries about human rights, social justice and freedom.

Along with attending the screenings you can visit talkshows, debates, music performances, an exposition and events with an array of international guests, including inspiring human rights activists.

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Main programmes

For nine days, the Movies that Matter Festival will offer two annually recurring main programmes: A Matter of ACT and Camera Justitia.

A Matter of ACT

A Matter of ACT consists of a number of documentaries about influential human rights defenders, many of whom will be attending the festival.

Camera Justitia

The Camera Justitia programme includes eight films about the importance of the rule of law and the fight against impunity. The Camera Justitia movies and documentaries to be screened during Movies that Matter 2017 are:

Algo Mío - Argentina's Stolen Children

During the Argentinian military junta, a number of babies were taken away from their homes and placed in foster care. Algo Mío follows two of those children, Hilario and Catalina, as they deal with the questions that plague them and the trials on their path.


Aiman, a passionate prison guard, learns the intricacies of being a hangman from his master Rahim in a film that reveals the complex world of executioners and the fate of the family members of those executed.

A Good Wife

Upperclass suburbanite Milena’s quiet, traditional life is turned upside down when she discovers a gloomy secret from her husband’s past and learns that she is ill.

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Forever Pure

Gaza Surf Club


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Bram Fischer

In South Africa, 1963, protests against apartheid are picking up, and respected lawyer Bram Fischer takes on the defence of a group of ANC members, including young Nelson Mandela, who might be sentenced to death.

No Place for a Rebel

27-year-old Opono Opono was kidnapped at a very young age by a rebel army. After 16 years of battle in the jungle, he manages to escape and leave the army. As he returns home, a former friend is arrested and handed over to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.


Randall is held in the Red Onion State Prison, a supermax prison where inmates spend 23 hours a day and 7 days a week in their cell.

The Verdict

In this thrilling courtroom drama, it is the audience that decides on the film’s outcome by passing judgment on a horrible, classic dilemma:

Is the jet fighter pilot who shot down a hijacked aircraft responsible for the death of its 163 passengers, or should he receive a medal of honour for saving 70.000 people in a football stadium, the intended target of the hijackers?

Zero Days

A computer virus rapidly spreads across the world, baffling hackers in 2010. Where does this advanced virus come from, who developed it, and for what purpose?

Oscar winner Alex Gibney unravels a large network of secret operations that threaten to bring the United States, Israel and Iran to the brink of a cyber war.

Extra programmes, themes and guests

Along with various talks, introductory talks, Q&A’s, music performances and an exhibition, Movies that Matter will also present the following extra programmes:
- Weapon of Choice
- Shorts that Matter
- Movies at Midnight
- Panorama programme

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