[Sold out] International Whisky Festival 2012

Festivals / The Hague
November 16-18 2012, Various times, see website

Rond de Grote Kerk 12,
The Hague
€: 45

Whisky connoisseurs won’t want to miss the International Whisky Festival taking place in The Hague this autumn.

This annually occurring festival is a unique opportunity to sample a wide variety of whiskeys produced by various distilleries in Scotland, Ireland and around the world.

Special musical entertainment and master classes led by experts also fill the programme.

Ticket entry includes unlimited tastings, a whisky tumbler, and a catalogue of the festival with tasting notes.

Photo by Flickr user dannynic

For an extra fee, visitors can also enjoy a tour of The Hague on a special sightseeing tram while sampling a few whiskeys!

Purchase tickets online, here
No admittance for individuals under 18 years of age, visitors must show ticket and identification to enter

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