Flag Day 2017 | First herring catch in Scheveningen

Festivals / The Hague
17 June 2017

Scheveningen Harbour
The Hague
€: Free

Attend a true Dutch tradition by celebrating the year’s first herring catch with a grand and festive programme in the port of Scheveningen!

Old Dutch street party

The Scheveningen Flag Day (Vlaggetjesdag) is one of the biggest street parties around The Hague. Check out old Dutch trades as beautiful fishing boats race to port and the citizens dress up in traditional clothing.

2017 will see the 69th edition of this traditional annual event.

Hollandse Nieuwe

Hollandse Nieuwe is the tastiest herring, which can be caught in between mid-May and the end of June.


On Flag Day, so named after the flags that decorate the boats, the first herring catch is brought to shore, and all of The Hague heads out to the coast line to taste the first Hollandse Nieuwe of the season.

The first vat of fish will be auctioned off, and profits will go to a charity. In 2016, the vat was sold for 90.000 euros.

More than herring

There is much more to the day’s programme than just tasting the herring. Music, both modern and traditional, will be played all around the harbour.

Join old Dutch children’s games, admire the boats, listen to the taptoe marching bands and take a look at traditional old Dutch trades being demonstrated for the occasion.

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