Festival Classique 2014

Festivals / The Hague
June 18-22 2014, Various times

Around the city centre of The Hague
The Hague
+31 (0)70 381 8106
€: Various prices (see website)

Festival Classique returns to The Hague offering a variety of classical music performances in exciting locations throughout the city!

Founded in 2006, Festival Classique focuses on making classical music hip again.

Designed to be enjoyed by classical music enthusiasts and fans, the shows aim to have a relaxed atmosphere where visitors of all ages and knowledge levels can be introduced to the wonders of classical.

With most concerts lasting less than an hour and featuring introductions geared toward casual visitors, the festival dispells the idea that classical music must always be associated with highbrow culture.

Perennial favourites include the Nach van Bach, Het Hofvijverconcert, Babyconcerten and the Kerkenpad.


festival classique 2014

festival classique 2014
Source of all photos: Festival Classique


In addition to these beloved events, Festival Classique always looks to surprise its visitors by offering classical performances in unexpected locations such as museum shops, a McDonalds and more!


See the full programme here.
Find a series of workshops here.
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