Animal Film Festival

Festivals / The Hague
04 October 2014, 11am

Filmhuis Den Haag, Spui 191, 2511 BN
The Hague
€: 8,50 per film

The first edition of the Animal Film Festival will be taking place this October in The Hague with a series of screenings that examine the various relationships between humans and animals. 

Animals on the silver screen

Animals mean many different things for humans, from a food source to entertainment to companionship, the diversity of interaction is astounding. 

The Animal Film Festival looks to examine the various ways these relationships have inspired film makers across many different genres. 

Along with screenings, there will also be a lecture series featuring individuals whose careers revolve around the meaning of animals in society.


animal film festival 2014

The programme includes Maarten Reesink discussing "Animals in film," Marijke Verduyn talking about the importance of context in "The animal is humanized. The animal is objectified" and Dirk-Jan Verdonk looking at the political side of animal interactions in "Animals, politics and society."

Animal Film Festival English screenings

Free Birds | Jimmy Hayward
How I Became An Elephant | Tim Gorski
Of Horses and Men | Benedikt Erlingsson
See No Evil | Jos de Putter
The End of the Line... | Ruppert Murray
The Whale | S. Chisholm & M. Parfit
White God | Kornél Mundruczó


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