Tong Tong Fair 2014

Fairs / The Hague
29 May 2014 - 09 June, Daily 12pm-10pm

Malieveld, 2594 AA
The Hague
€: Various prices

The ever-popular Tong Tong Fair will return to The Hague for its 56th edition with an inspiring showcase of the cultural traditions of Southeast Asia!

History of the Tong Tong Fair

Beginning as the Pasar Malam Tong Tong in 1959, the goal of the festival is to introduce visitors to and celebrate the rich cultural elements that comprise Indies Eurasian identities. 

The Indies Eurasian identity is itself an aggregation, a fusing of East and West that began when European merchants sailed to Indonesia to set up trading posts. 

The entangled histories of the Netherlands and Indonesia led to a mass migration of "Indos" to the Netherlands from 1945 until the mid-1960s. After leaving their homeland, a group of Indonesian-Dutch sought to host an event that celebrated their roots and the beauty of Southeast Asia. 

Flash forward half a century and it's now the largest Eurasian fair in the world: the Tong Tong Fair!

Tong tong fair 2014

Tong Tong Fair 2014

Attracting more than 100.000 people each year, the Tong Tong Fair is a cultural festival, exhibition and food festival that takes place in a giant network of tents and stands in The Hague.

Fair highlights

The Grand Pasar. This is the heart of the Tong Tong Fair and a shopper's dream, as vendors and independent sellers from Indonesia and Southeast Asia assemble to offer antiques, furniture, fabric, cooking utensils, jewellery, herbs, spices and more!

tong tong fair clothing makers

The Indonesian Pavillion. Housed in a maze of narrow "streets" that replicate a night market from Southeast Asia, the vendors here come from all over to offer genuine products and flavours.

Tropical fruit. Fresh from the source and hard to find in the Netherlands, the tastes of the Indonesian Archipelago arrive in the form of rambutan, jackfruit, sapatillo sawo, bang kwand, fresh durian, mangoes, sugar cane and an array of refreshing drinks like tijendol (coconut milk/brown sugar/green gelatine)!


Tong Tong Fair 2014

Tong Tong Fair

Tong Tong Fair Workshop

Tong Tong Fair 2014

Colourful clothes and ikat. Beautiful dyed textiles with a technique that gives each piece of fabric a unique look.

Food for all. Over 20 stalls, waroengs and small restaurants in the Eetwijk offer snacks, meals and desserts from diverse regional cuisines such as Sunda, Java, Padang and Palembang. 

Antiques and spiritual gifts. From hard-to-find items like sirihstels to spiritual statues of Buddha, gems and Ganesha icons, the products here are both fascinating and meaningful.

tong tong fair 2014

Tong Tong Festival 2014

The highlight of the week is the Tong Tong Festival, which sees hundreds of artists from Southeast Asia and around the world performing over the course of 12 days on a variety of stages in the massive network of tents and outdoor spaces! 

Featured guests & performers

Afif Syakur | Couture designer from Indonesia
Didik Nini Thowok | Comedic drag-dancer
Dwi Mekar Ensemble | Balinese mask dancing
SambaSunda | Rythmic, fusion music group
Marije Nie | Tap dancer extraordinare
Makana | Slack-key guitarist from Hawaii
Classic Indonesian dance | In royal court style from Yogyakarta
And many more!

Tong Tong Fair 2014

Theatres and stages

Tong-Tong Podium | Fashion, dance and music.
Bengkel | Workshops & master-classes.
Tong-Tong Theater | Music, dance, films, lectures.
Indorock Café | Casual jam sessions and informal performances.

Tickets & Prices

12-Day Pass | 95,70 (Senior: 75,90)
6-Day Pass* | 44,50 (Senior: 36,30)
Day Pass (Mon-Fri) | 10,50 (Senior: 9)
Day Pass (Sat-Sun)** | 13,50 (Senior: 10,50)
Day Pass Children | 4
Purchase tickets in advance here.
*Only valid on May 22,23,27-30
**For June 9, a weekend ticket is necessary

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