Fair Fashion Lab at Humanity House

Exhibitions / The Hague
25 April 2014 - 31 December, 10am - 5pm (Tues-Fri); 12pm - 5pm (Sat & Sun)

Humanity House, Prinsegracht 8, 2512 GA
The Hague
+31 (0)70 310 0050
€: 2,50

From April to December, Humanity House in The Hague will be tackling the garment industry and the inhumane working conditions that have led to a string of recent tragedies through the exhibition Fair Fashion Lab.

Sparked by the factory collapse at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh that resulted in the deaths of 1.129 individuals, Humanity House seeks to shed light on the pattern of despicable working conditions in the clothing industry that led to this tragedy. 

The goal is to highlight that this was not an isolated event, but rather a reflection of the way some 30 million people around the world are exploited daily in the production of clothing. 

In addition to raising awareness, the exhibition wants to go a step further and encourage visitors to think about possible solutions or changes that can be made to increase transparency, accountability and the quality of lives of millions of workers. 


fair fashion lab

Fair Fashion Lab

The exhibition itself will present six different approaches to demonstrate how design, art and technology can help alleviate oppressive working conditions.

Featured artists include Arne Hendriks, who will encourage visitors to make a pledge stating they understand how fair fashion is produced, Monique van Heist, who will be revealing her "protest coat" and architecture firm space&matter who will present an installation showing the power of transparency.

In addition to these artists, a varied public programme and educational activities will also take place, of which the Fair Fashion Festival will be the highlight.


For more information on Fair Fashion Lab, click here.
Also, have a look at their current exhibition, What We Wear.

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