Pathé presents André Rieu's 10th Anniversary Concert 2014

Concerts / The Hague
19 July 2014, 8pm

Pathé Buitenhof, Buitenhof 20, 2513 AG
The Hague
+31 (0)900 1458
€: 12,50

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andre reiu pathe

andre reiu path

André Rieu 10th Anniversary Concert at Pathé

André Rieu, the much-beloved master violinist, will be playing the 10th edition of his annual summer evening concerts on the Vrijthof in Maastricht in July!

Over the years, this concert has become one of the most popular performances that Rieu gives: the romantic backdrop, the intimacy of the medieval Vrijthof square and the extraordindary accompaniment of the 60-piece Johann Strauss Orchestra combine to create an unforgettable evening!

A native of Maastricht, this homecoming is always very special for Rieu and it shows. 

With additional light shows, fireworks, guest artists, soloists and more, the crowd gathers from all around the world to see Rieu pour his heart into the performance.

Due to Rieu's popularity, it's always difficult to get tickets. However, thanks to Pathé Music, the show can be seen on the big screen and with crystal clear audio to make it feel as if they have a seat on the Vrijthof themselves!


The broadcast has been previously recorded.
Language of presentation is Dutch with English subtitles.
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