UCI BMX World Championships 2014

Other / Rotterdam
July 23-27 2014, Various times

Ahoy, Ahoyweg 10, 3084 BA
+31 (0)41 240 5280
€: Various

This year, the city of Rotterdam has the honour of hosting the UCI BMX World Championships, meaning that some of the best riders in the world will be racing in Ahoy!

What is BMX?

BMX is short for bicycle motocross. A type of off-road bicycle racing, the sport is a variation of traditional motocross that sees cyclists doing laps around courses with hills, jumps and banked corners.

Unlike traditional bicycles, a BMX "class" bike is one that is sturdy, built for quick handling and utilises a more lightweight wheel. 

A truly international sport, BMX racing became an Olympic sport in 2008 during the Beijing games.

Ticket prices

Week ticket | 77 euros
Weekend ticket | 49 euros
Day ticket | Wed- Fri | 21 euros
Day ticket | Sat | 26 euros
Day ticket | Sun | 37 euros

uci bmx world championships

UCI BMX World Championships

One of the most important events on the BMX circuit, the World Championships are held eveny year in a different city.

For 2014, the Ahoy arena will be transformed into a giant dirt race course with multiple jumps and exciting corners.

A sport suitable for all ages, there are also events for those under 16.

After multiple trials and the finals, the winner is awarded a gold medal and a rainbow jersey which they wear in races for the rest of the season, but only in the event for which they won it.

With the likes of Twan van Gendt, Martijn Jaspers, Joris Daudet and more, the races are guaranteed to bring the excitement!


Find the full programme with race times here.
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