New Horizons Festival 2014

Festivals / Rotterdam
26 September 2014, 8pm

Onderwijscentrum Erasmus MC
€: 8,50 (7 presale)

The New Horizons Festival looks to engage visitors by mixing science and acadmic research with art and music in an evening that is both entertaining and engaging!

Discover New Horizons

Formerly known as the Discovery Festival, the New Horizons Festival in Rotterdam looks to present a new image full of fun based on ground breaking research.

Part of the European Researchers' Night, the goal of the festival is to make scientific knowledge and research not only accessible, but also entertaining for the general public. 

What this means for New Horizons is that there will be ample opportunities for visitors to interact and participate in experiments with scientists, artists and academics. 

The result is a mix of experiment and art to gain deeper understandings of sometimes complex principles. 

new horizons 2014

new horizons 2014

New Horizons theme 2014: Big Data

As the world becomes ever more connected, the issue of what data is gathered, for what purpose and by who all become pressing topics in the digital age. 

Witness artists, scientists and musicans approach this theme from various angles, including big data poetry displays, what the city knows about you and how internet routers can actually be symphonic!

New Horizons is an exciting night that breaks the festival norm by bringing different curious minds together in a serious, yet fun discussion on the future of technology. 


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