International Film Festival Rotterdam 2014

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22 January 2014 - 02 February, Various

Various locations
+31 (0)10 890 9090
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This year, the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) holds its 43rd edition at cinemas throughout Rotterdam, giving special attention to "The State of Europe."

About the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR)

Starting from humble beginnings in 1972, the twelve-day festival has grown to become one of the largest audience- and industry-driven film festivals in the world. 

Yearly, the festival's Official Selection includes more than 200 feature films and 320 short films from some 60 countries.

The festival aims to organise and stimulate film-related activities both in the Netherlands and abroad by highlighting the outstanding and the exceptional, through various programmes including: the Hivos Tiger Awards Competition, Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films, Bright Future selections, Spectrum for new feature length works and Signals for exploring pressing thematic issues.


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Trailer, Sacro GRA, Gianfranco Rosi

Trailer, Gare du Nord, Claire Simon

"The State of Europe"

As a prologue to the European elections of 2014, the IFFR will turn its attention to examining the current status of Europe and the European Union.

In line with major economic developments, crises and pan-European socio-cultural reactions, the festival's theme seeks to address people's anger and disillusionment with the European project.

Through three thematic programmes, films addressing ideas related to notions of European identity, issues of immigration and personal living conditions will shed light on the realities of what is uniting and what is dividing Europe today. 

The State of Europe: Grand Tour acts as an entry point to a historical journey through European cinema, highlighting its diversity, past, present and possible future(s).

The State of Europe: My Own Private Europe emphasises the highly personal and intimate stories of how individual film makers experience Europe today.

The State of Europe: EU-29 addresses the inherent inequalities underlying the assumed, idealised equality that is promised when becoming a member state.

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