Hidden Gardens 2017

Festivals / Rotterdam
June 10-11, 10.30am – 5pm

Almost 100 gardens in the city
€: 3

Take a look behind the hedges and fences into the unknown, and surprisingly green side of Rotterdam!

About Hidden Gardens

During Hidden Gardens (Verborgen Tuinen), owners of almost 100 private and shared gardens will be opening their doors to the general public, laying bare the green backstage of the bustling city.

Make the city green

Hidden Gardens is an initiative to show citizens how to work together in making the city green, ecologically balanced and full of special flora and fauna.

All images courtesy of Verborgen Tuinen

The little pieces of land are all worth admiring, whether they have been around forever or newly plotted, and whether they’re large or small, modern or romantic.

Yards, terraces and plots

The main focus will be on private yards, but visitors will also be able to admire roof terraces, urban farming plots and other unique little oases. Various gardens will host special activities like tours and live music performances.

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