Bazar Bizar Art Festival

Festivals / Rotterdam
12 July 2014, 1pm - 9pm

Charloisse Kerksingel, 3082
€: Free

The Bazar Bizar Art Festival is back in Rotterdam, offering a chance to browse the work of independent artists, listen to local music and enjoy some tasty food!

Bazar Bizar: festival for the creative

The Bazar Bizar is a small festival with a distinctly local flavour that encourages artists, designers, theatre performers and all-around creatives to show their work in a relaxed environment.

What's remarkable about the Bazar Bizar is that each artist or participant in the market constructs his or her own stall from a variety of materials, many of which are then subsequently up for sale. 

bazar bizar

bazar bizar 2014 rotterdam

bazar bizar 2014 rotterdam
All photos by Roderick Polak

Along with the art market, there is a full day of live music on the main stage featuring acts from the area.

Set in one of Rotterdam's cosier corners, the relaxing ambiance is brought to new levels of lounging with its very own city beach! 

Join in the festivities, have a stroll and check out the entertainment of this small, free festival.


Click to see the participating artists, musicians and theatre acts. 

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