24 Hour Culture

Festivals / Rotterdam
September 13-14 2014, 5pm

50 locations around Rotterdam
+31 (0)10 240 9132
€: Various, many free

Rotterdam's cultural scene teams up to kick-off the 2014-2015 season with a bang by staying open all night and all day with a slew of previews, exclusives and activities for the true cultuurliefhebbers!

Rotterdam culture: all day, all night

Rotterdam is truly coming into its own, culturally speaking.

Gaining some recognition over the last decade for its cultural scene, the group of institutions have drastically increased their cooperation and are now rivalling Amsterdam in terms of festivals and showcases. 

Starting in 2011, the 24 Hour Culture (24 Uur Cultuur- a nice rhyme in Dutch) was an experiment in exposure for the start of the cultural season in the city. 

A great success, the event was continued and, along with more institutions, also attracted more visitors- around 15.000 in 2013 to be more precise. 


24 uur cultuur
All photos by Ruben Hamelink

24 uur cultuur

For the 2014 edition, the mix of visual arts, film, theatre, dance, architecture and other variations of cultural disciplines is back and with more previews, exclusive works, premiers and behind the scenes looks at what goes into creative endeavours. 

Get to Rotterdam and stay the night, enjoying a variety of inspiring works and an enthusiastic audience from 5pm to 5pm!


See the entire programme of events here.
To see a list of locations, click here.
Tickets are sold on a per activity basis, so check the programme for prices (many are free).

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