The Second World War in 100 Objects at Kunsthal Rotterdam

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05 February 2014 - 05 May, Tue.-Sat. 10am-5pm; Sun. 11am-5pm

Museumpark, Westzeedijk 341, 3015 AA
+31 (0)10 440 0301
€: 11

In co-operation with the National Committee for 4 and 5 May and The Foundation of Dutch Museums and Memorial Centres 1940-1945, the Kunsthal Rotterdam presents a one-time exhibition of the hundred most exceptional objects from World War II during The Second World War in 100 Objects.

100 Representative Items

The Second World War in 100 Objects seeks to take visitors back to the time of World War II and through representative artefacts solidify its relevance to young and old alike. 

Gathered by Second World War expert and guest curator Ad van Liempt, each object chosen for the exhibition is meant to evoke emotions, memories and feelings, and allow the visitor to more strongly identify with the personal stories of those who lived during the war. 

Items such as the flag of surrender made on the day of the Rotterdam Blitz, the glasses of resistance worker Hannie Schaft and even an SS banner encourage those viewing the exhibition to better understand the personalities, individuals and lived experience of war in the Netherlands. 

Additionally, by taking the items out of war and resistance museums and placing them in a space typically reserved for art, a critical dialogue is opened in which viewers can reconsider the typical relationship between object, representation, personal narrative and circumstance.

kunst-hall rotterdam
Sweater Made of Collected Dog Hair, 1944-1945, Collectie Nationaal Bevrijdingsmuseum

kunsthal rotterdam

A Co-ordinated Effort

The exhibition is a result of a unique venture between 25 Dutch war and resistance museums. 

For the first time, parts of their collection will be displayed under one roof, allowing the associated items to reveal a new narrative than was previously not possible in the various locations. 

In addition to the exhibition, the Kunsthal Rotterdam is developing an educational program to accompany the items.

A special section of this programme called FreedomLAB approaches the Second World War from an alternative perspective, one focusing on the need for peace and tolerance. During the FreedomLAB, visitors work together to create a co-operative work of art.


H.M. King Willem-Alexander will open the exhibition on February 4.
To see a list of participating museums, click here.
For more information about the project, see here (Dutch).
Visit here for pricing information.

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