'Dai Hanzhi: 5000 Artists' at Witte de With

Exhibitions / Rotterdam
04 September 2014 - 04 January 2015, Tues-Sun 11am-6pm

Witte de With Contemporary Art, Witte de Withstraat 50, 3012 BR
+31 (0)10 411 0144
€: 6

Opening in September, the exhibition Dai Hanzhi: 5000 Artists in Rotterdam looks to highlight the way Hans van Dijk influenced the development of contemporary art and art practice in China. 

Who was Hans van Dijk?

Hans van Dijk, a graduate of the Arnhem Arts Academy and Eindhoven Design Academy, moved to China in 1984. 

With a deep passion for Chinese contemporary art, van Dijk worked as a curator, teacher, artist and scholar and became entrenched in the Chinese art scene. 

Largely unknown in the Netherlands, van Dijk was extremely influential in the direction that Chinese modern art would take in the 1990s. 

Through his writings and scholarly work, he assisted in launching the careers of some of China's most prominent modern art stars (Ai Weiwei) and drew the attention of the West to critical developments regarding art practices in the East. 

Passing away in 2002, van Dijk specialised in conceptual and abstract art, to which the exhibition pays due attention. 

Dai Hanzhi: 5000 Artists

The exhibition can be described as part homage to van Dijk and part examination of artistic practice in China during the 1990s. 

Contained in the exhibition are diaries, archival documents and correspondences that show just how van Dijk shaped artists and institutions in China. 

Based on this influence, pieces by Chinese artists who had worked closely with or known van Dijk are also included, such as Liu Ding, Zheng Guogu, Zhang Peili and Ding Yi. 

The exhibition draws its name from van Dijk's work in cataloguing over 5.000 Chinese artists from 1880 to 1980, a testament to his dedication and research. 

Curated by Marianne Brouwer, work has also been contributed by Vitamin Creative Space (Guangzhou) and BizArt (Shanghai), two cultural institutions that benefited enormously from van Dijk's work. 


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