Joeri Dubbe & Korzo Productions present 'Solaris'

Dance / Rotterdam
21 March 2014, 8.30pm

Rotterdamse Schouwberg, Schouwburgplein 25, 3012 CL
+31 (0)10 411 8110
€: 17

Joeri Dubbe and Korzo Productions are proud to present their new performance piece, Solaris, at the Rotterdamse Schouwberg!

About Joeri Dubbe and Solaris

Joeri Dubbe is currently one of the most critically acclaimed choreographers to come out of the Dutch dance scene. 

Having been selected for national tours such as Blind Date and DansClick, Dubbe recently won the prestigious BNG prize for New Theatre Makers and the Nederlands Dansdagen Prize. 

Solaris, Dubbe's second full-length performance, focuses on the concept of power. 

Working with a very talented cast of dancers and in co-operation with Korzo, Dubbe envisions the concept of power as a pyramid in which eventually only one person remains at the top. A classic concept, he adapts the idea further by posing the question: is this what we still want today? 


Photo by Joris-Jan Bos


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