Opera Days Rotterdam 2017

Concerts / Rotterdam
May 12-21 2017

Various locations
€: Various

More than 100 performances will reveal the future of opera at various indoor and outdoor venues across the city at Opera Days Rotterdam!

Opera Days Rotterdam

Opera Days (Operadagen) Rotterdam is an international 10-day festival that offers contemporary opera and music theatre. It's not only aimed at aficionados but also intends to reach a new audience.

Festival theme for 2017: Departures

For the next four editions of the Rotterdam Opera Days, the theme will be "Lost and Found". The sub-theme for this year is "Departures", challenging audience and creatives to lose and find themselves with 2017 as the point of departure.

This theme will reveal heroic and topical stories of people who leave their familiar world behind, cross literal and symbolic boundaries, and undergo great changes in the hope of (re)discovering their identities.

Salih Kilec

Krista van der Net

Thumb image by Bas Czerwinski
All images courtesy of Operadagen Rotterdam

International highlights

The programme for Rotterdam Opera Days 2017 presents several international highlights, which include fresh interpretations of classical works, as well as newly minted performances:

Diary of one who disappeared

A famous song cycle by Czech composer Leoš Janáček, to which composer Annelies Van Parys has added a new finale.


One of the earliest operas in existence, created by Monteverdi, is performed by ensemble Cappella Mediterranea, led by celebrated conductor Leonardo García Alarcón.

Nachtschade: Aubergine

A combination of musical theatre, documentary, and culinary delights is presented as the renowned soprano Claron McFadden traces the communal cultural roots of the Mediterranean in a performance based on the aubergine.

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