Theater Na de Dam 2014

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04 May 2014, 9pm

Cities around the Netherlands
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Theater Na de Dam is a national organisation that works with the comité 4 en 5 mei to programme a variety of performances in cities around the Netherlands with themes relating to World War II. 

Beginning in 2010 as a small initiative involving theatres around the Nes in Amsterdam, the idea has grown to be a great success in cities around the country. 

Taking place each year on May 4, the day of Remembrance of the Dead for those who have died while serving in the armed forces since WWII, the performances emphasise the history and emotions associated with WWII. 

Theater Na de Dam was originally created with the idea that through these acts, the memory of the war and those affected can be communicated to younger generations through storytelling and the arts. 

Many of the performances are developed especially for the event, which take place at 9pm throughout the country.

theater na de dam 2014

2014 Programme Highlights

Although many of the plays and spoken dialogues are in Dutch, there are also performances where language is not a problem and/or contains bits of English.

Even if you find Dutch difficult, don't let it prevent you from participating in this ceremonial event. 

Brundibar | Amsterdam
Brei III | Amsterdam
Circus 4 en 5 mei | Den Bosch
Het geheugen van Rotterdam | Rotterdam
Kamp | Rotterdam
MC Tori | Amsterdam
And many more!


See the list of locations here.
Tickets are sold per event through the theatre.

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