Tulip Route 2017

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15 April 2017 - 08 May

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The majority of Dutch tulips are grown in the Noordoostpolder in Flevoland. In April and May, huge fields will fill with colourful blooms in this area.

100 kilometres of tulip fields

A special 100-kilometre-long tulip route is laid out for people who wish to see this massive spectacle in all its glory. It takes you past 2.500 acres of the most impressive fields filled with flowers and special sights.

The Tulip route was elected one of the world’s most beautiful road trips by National Geographic in 2009.

Travel by car or bicycle

Due to its size, the route is generally taken by car. When exiting the A6, take exit 15 (Emmeloord De Munt) or 16 (Bant, Luttelgeest). There are also various interesting cycling and walking routes. See a map of the route here.

Mondrian Tulip Field, by Foto Rien
Courtesy of Tulpenfestival

Photograph by Olga Warning

Courtesy of Tulpenfestival

Mondrian flower mosaic

The highlight of Tulip Route 2017 is an impressive 6.000m2-large flower mosaic, inspired by the famous Dutch artist Mondrian.

Of course, a view such as that is best admired from above. You will be able to board a helicopter in the local experience centre, and fly right over the colourful sight.

Mondrian’s work was chosen to be presented as a mosaic highlight because the rectangular shapes of the tulip fields are already quite similar to his iconic paintings, and because the national tourist theme for 2017 in the area is "From Mondrian to Dutch Design".

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