National Mill Day 2017

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May 13-14 2017


National Mill Day is inviting visitors to come and take a closer look at the inner workings of the Dutch windmills on a day out full of activities!

About National Mill Day

During National Mill Day, almost all of the windmills (and other mills) in the Netherlands will be turning, and more than 950 of them will open up to the public.

The event is accompanied by various activities, many organised by millers all around the country. There will be pancake baking, children’s games, cycling routes, mill-themed fairs and parties.

Annually more than 100.000 people come out to enjoy National Mill Day, and every year the number rises. The event is organised by the De Hollandsche Molen association, an initiative that was started in 1923 to secure the upkeep of wind and water mills in the Netherlands.

Molen de Zwaan in Ouderkerd aan de Amstel
Photograph by C.A. Kramer

Rijssen Pelmolen
Photograph by Hans Noot

Thumb Photo by C.A. Kramer
All images courtesy of De Hollandsche Molen

Mills in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is famous for its mills, not only due to the large numbers, but also because they symbolise the Dutch battle with the water level. The country currently counts 1.048 windmills and 108 water mills. The oldest mill in the Netherlands dates back to before 1450.

The position of the sails when they’re not turning can indicate messages, such as a local celebration or mourning. They all turn against the clock. There are multiple theories for why this is.

Good to know

Pending weather and other conditions, National Mill Day will be celebrated on Saturday, May 13 and/or Sunday, May 14. Check the website for the correct date before you head out!

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