Keukenhof 2017 | Spring opening

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23 March 2017 - 21 May

Stationsweg 166A, Lisse
€: 16

The Keukenhof is opening its doors for spring. Watch millions of multi-coloured flowers bloom in this beautiful Dutch park!

This year's theme: Dutch Design

The Keukenhof theme for 2017 is "Dutch Design", deriving inspiration from famous artists and designers such as Mondriaan and Rietveld.

Even today, Dutch designers are appreciated worldwide for their industry-leading designs in fashion, graphic design, architecture and furniture design.

Flower bulb mosaic

One of the highlights of the 2017 theme is the gigantic flower bulb mosaic, covering an area of 250m2 and consisting of 80.000 tulips, muscari and crocus.

This year’s mosaic depicts a Mondriaan painting combined with designer chairs.

About the Keukenhof

The Keukenhof is the international showcase for the Dutch floricultural sector, with a special emphasis on flower bulbs.

Over 100 participating flower companies display their living catalogue of various types of flora, numbering up to seven million spring-flowering bulbs.

The Keukenhof, which means "kitchen garden", has been around since the 15th century, and covers a whopping 32 hectares.

YouTube video by keukenhof

The 2017 Keukenhof Flower Mosaic: Dutch Design

Images courtesy of the Keukenhof

The park first opened its gates to the public in 1950 and was an instant success, with over 236.000 visitors in the first year. These days, the Keukenhof annually welcomes 800.000 visitors.

The Keukenhof windmill

The windmill at the Keukenhof is more than a century old. It was built in Groningen in 1892, and was used to pump water out of a polder. In 1957, the Holland-America Line bought the then unused mill, tore it down and donated it to the Keukenhof, where it was rebuilt.

Extra attractions

Besides the beautiful tulip gardens, the Keukenhof has other attractions to show:

There are eight inspirational gardens featuring unique gardening idea. Two of the inspirational gardens are new this year and are dedicated to Dutch Design. The Mondriaan Garden with its primary square colour patches will be a particularly great attraction to the international public.

For children, the Keukenhof has a maze, a playground, a Miffy house and a petting zoo. A treasure hunt takes them along the most beautiful places in the park.

At the Oranje Nassau Pavilion, special flower shows will be presented entirely in the style of Dutch Design.

Tickets to the Keukenhof

You can buy your Keukenhof tickets here.

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