International Four Days Marches Nijmegen

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July 15-18 2014, Various

Nijmegen and surrounding towns
€: 50

The International Four Days Marches in Nijmegen is a yearly event that sees around 40.000 people participating in walks of various lengths to villages in the eastern provinces of the Netherlands!

The Four Days Marches are currently the largest walking event in the world, not only because of the amount of participants, but also due to the number of supporters who line the walking routes cheering them on. 

After registering, participants are then expected to walk routes of either 30, 40 or 50 kilometres. 

For each day, the routes are different, but pass through towns in the vicinity of Nijmegen and its outskirts. The routes are named according to the largest town through which they pass. 

Four Days Marches Routes

July 15 | Day 1 | Day of Elst
July 16 | Day 2 | Day of Wijchen
July 17 | Day 3 | Day of Groesbeek
July 18 | Day 4 | Day of Cuijk

Why walk for four days?

The Four Days Marches were originally held in 1909 at the initiative of what is now the KNBLO Wandelsportorganisatie Nederland as an exercise primarily for the military. 

The soldiers had to walk a total of 140 kilometres over the course of four days and took various routes around the Netherlands.

Gaining in popularity as an honourable physical feat, the Four Days Marches found its permanent place in Nijmegen in 1925. 

Since then, the participants have emphasised the importance of physical fitness in daily life and completing the Marches is considered an achievement, awarded with the Cross of the Four Day Marches upon finishing.


Find information here on how to register.
Read more about the routes and distances here

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