European Heritage Days (Open Monumentendag) 2014

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September 13-14 2014, Various

Monuments & places of historical importance around the Netherlands
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This year, the European Heritage Days (Open Monumentendag) will take place on the weekend of September 13 & 14, giving visitors the opportunity to see thousands of monuments and historical sites for free!

European Heritage Days: Travelling

Occurring annually in the Netherlands since 1987, the European Heritage Days encourage citizens and tourists alike to explore the richness of the European cultural legacy by visiting one of the numerous historic sites around the continent. 

In the Netherlands alone more than 4.000 sites will open their doors to the public free of charge. 

Along with famous and well-known landmarks, the weekend is made truly special through the opportunity to visit a number of monuments or sites that are normally closed or have restricted access.

Not limited to traditional sites, areas of interest also include landscape heritage, public spaces and significant architectural developments.

open monument day 2014
Steam Train, Medemblik

european heritage days 2014
Ambstwoning, Amsterdam
Thumb photo: Eerde Castle by Wikimedia user MartinD.

european heritage days 2014
Montfoort Castle, Heeswijk

For 2014, the theme of the weekend is Travelling (Op Reis) and will put the focus on the infrastructure and aspects related to travelling over land, water and air!


Click here for a full overview of sites and activities.
Read more about European Heritage Days (in English).

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