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June 21-22 2014, Various

Cities throughout the Netherlands
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The Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (BNA) has once again co-ordinated a day of appreciation for architecture throughout the Netherlands during the Day of Architecture on June 21!

Each year cities around the Netherlands hold special programmes highlighting often overlooked portions of their built envrionment. 

Instead of monumental design, the Day of Architecture shifts the focus to more modern buildings or spaces that deserve special recognition. 

The theme for the 2014 edition is Mensen maken de stad or People Make the City and encourages various cities to create tours, programmes and lectures that focus on the role the individual plays in contemporary urban design.

In each city, the events are arranged by an architect bureau or firm in the region and therefore adds a very local touch. 


day of architecture netherlands

day of architecture

day of architecture 2014

Selected cities and organisers

Amsterdam | ARCAM
Rotterdam | AIR Architect Centre
Utrecht | Architect Centre Aorta
Eindhoven | Architect Centre Eindhoven
Leiden | RAP
The Hague | Stichting Dag van de Architectuur
Groningen | GRAS
Haarlem | ABC
Find the complete list of organisers here.


Check the various organisers sites to see the full programmes and prices.

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