Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day 2017

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04 April 2017

Locations to be announced
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On April 4, participating Ben & Jerry’s sellers around the globe will be giving patrons a scoop of their tasty ice cream, for free!

Free ice cream

Since 1979, Ben & Jerry’s has been hosting Free Cone Day to celebrate their first year of business and to thank their fans. To this day, they continue to show us their gratitude in the best way possible: with free fair trade ice cream!

The best thing about this tradition is that it has expanded to a variety of global locations, including the Netherlands.

Youtube video by Ben & Jerry's

All images courtesy of Unilever Nederland

Where can I get my free cone?

In the Netherlands, three vans filled with delicious ice cream will head out to selected hotspots to hand out their free cones on the street. To stay updated about where you can find them, keep an eye on the Ben & Jerry's Facebook page.

About Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's Homemade Holdings Inc, better known as as Ben & Jerry's, is an American dairy company that has practised conscious food processing and produced fair trade products for over 35 years.

More importantly, Ben & Jerry's have invented several ice cream flavours that are absolutely delicious! The annual Free Cone Day is a fun chance to sample something new like "Hooked On You" with marshmallow, caramel and chocolate fishes, or to indulge in a scoop of your favourite flavour.

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